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Survival is a specialist field in the world of outdoors skills, and something that becomes more relevant with each passing year as we become more and more detached from the natural world – even those of us with a love of the outdoors.

What would you do if the worst happened? How would you find your way back if you were lost? Could you survive several days in the wilds, without contact with the outside world, if required?

These questions and more will be answered within the pages of this book.

Outdoors the Scandinavian Way – Survival Skills contains a wealth of practical information, from how we can use the skills and knowledge of indigenous peoples to help us hone our survival skills, to how to build shelter, make fire, procure safe, drinkable water, obtain food, and how to use certain edible plants.

Lars Fält is an internationally recognised authority on survival and outdoors skills, and has published a series of successful books on the subject. After a long military career, Lars now dedicates his time to teaching the general public the extensive knowledge and experience he has acquired over the years.

Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Survival Skills

Estimated Delivery: 1-2 weeks from order date
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