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Hiking Tours



Choose a hiking tour based on your area, fitness level and available time.

Hiking tours at Akamas National Park and all over Cyprus with routes based on season and weather conditions. 

Our hiking tours include short, medium and long distance routes at Akamas National Park and all over Cyprus, most of them unique and carefully created by our team to enjoy the best route possible. Experienced hiking guides lead the group with a First-Aid certified guide, carrying an advanced First-Aid kit suitable for a large group of people. Our hiking tours are based on safety first, keeping the group participants to a maximum of 15 hikers and are always guided by 2-3 experienced guides - one leading the group and one at the back of the group to ensure no-one stays behind and track-back anyone not being able to complete the route. Water, energy bars, snacks and electrolytes are provided based on the duration/distance of the tour and Cyprus coffees are prepared for you to enjoy by the hiking tour guides, during the big breaks. A high quality digital photo album of the hiking tour is sent to all the participants for download, by e-mail link a few days after the event.

Hiking tours are organised from March till June for the Spring/Summer season and September till December for the Autumn/Winter Season.

Please check the Upcoming Tours/Workshops page, or contact us for specific date requests.


"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

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