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The Fällkniven F1x is a top-quality outdoor knife, perfect for many different users. Bushcrafters, survivalers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts have known for years that Fällkniven produces excellent knives. This F1x is a full-tang version of their renowned Fällkniven F1.


The Fällkniven F1x is also called the 'Pilot Knife', because its predecessor was specifically designed as a survival knife for fighter jet pilots. However, this doesn't mean it won't come in handy when hunting or during bushcraft, survival or camping trips. Compared to other models in this collection, its blade length is quite modest, but it's still enough to carry out the vast majority of common tasks.


Fällkniven X series - Full Tang Knives:


The Fällkniven X series is the first collection from this Swedish brand with a full-tang construction. This means that the tang of the blade runs throughout the entire handle. It is stronger than other construction methods. The scales are mounted to both sides of the tang. These are still made from Thermorun, which is a supple plastic that absorbs blows and offers plenty of grip. These scales actually provide even more grip than the handle of the normal F1.


Blade Steel:


The blade is made from Laminated CoS, which stands for Laminated Cobalt Steel. Lam CoS steel is a laminate of CoS special steel (the core) with 420J2 stainless steel on the outer layers to improve its toughness. The choice of 420J2 steel is aimed at improving the toughness of this blade steel. 420J2 stainless steel offers low hardness but relatively high toughness. Lam CoS steel is commonly used in Fallkniven knives and some Spyderco knives. The outstanding strength is achieved from the lamination, and good edge retention from the core CoS steel, which makes Lam CoS steel the perfect steel for survival and outdoor knives. What’s more, it is stainless steel; therefore, it can withstand humid and corrosive environments, unlike most tough knife steels that aren’t stainless.


 As we've come to expect from Fällkniven, this knife is delivered extremely sharp.


Fällkniven’s Convex Grind: 


Like all fixed knives produced by Fällkniven, this knife has a convex grind. This has important advantages. For instance, a convex edge can be sharpened razor-sharp, is relatively strong, and offers less cutting resistance. This is because it lacks the 'shoulders' that you usually find on a regular v-edge in the transition from the edge to the side of the blade. A knife with a convex grind is therefore a pleasure to cut with.


Zytel Sheath with Retention Lever:


The Fällkniven F1x comes with a Zytel sheath. Fällkniven also upgraded this one by adding an extra retention lever. You can use this to secure the knife firmly in the sheath. This prevents it from rattling, and also means you won't lose it. A nice upgrade!

Fällkniven F1x

€260.00 Regular Price
€234.00Sale Price
  • Brand: Fallkniven

    Model: F1X 

    Model Details: Fällkniven F1x LamCos Satin, incl. zytel Sheath

    Country of origin: Japan

    Type: FixedBlade

    Blade height: 2.9 cm

    Blade length: 10 cm

    Cutting edge length: 9.5 cm

    Blade thickness: 5 mm

    Handle length: 11.9 cm

    Total Length: 22 cm

    Weight: 220 g

    Handle Material: Thermorun

    Sheath Material: Zytel

    Type of steel: Laminated CoS

    Blade Finish: Satin

    Knife Type: survival knife, bushcraft knife, hunting knife

    Hand: Right-handed

    Best use: Survival

    Blade shape: drop point

    Type of edge: plain edge

    Way of sharpening: convex

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