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Casström Woodsman is a classic wilderness knife designed by an experienced knifemaker and outdoorsman, and it shows. The Woodsman is a very tough knife and is well-suited to your typical Bushcraft tasks, including splitting wood, or “batoning”. A top-notch choice for all-round field use.

Briefly about the version Bog Oak with Fire steel / Sleipner:

  • Hand-finished stabilised 5,000-year-old Bog Oak handle with a straight design that puts a nice piece of history in your hand.
  • The fire striker steel has a matching handle and an Auermetall ferro-rod that consistently gives an even shower of sparks, regardless of the weather.  
  • Sturdy welted sheath in vegetable-tanned European leather with draining hole and loop for the fire steel.
  • Blade in premium Sleipner steel from swedish Uddeholm that holds an edge well even during very hard use such as wood splitting.
  • Scandinavian grind, along with the steel properties, makes the knife robust, effective for wood carving, and easy to sharpen in the outdoors.

Woodsman Knife - Bog Oak with Fire Striker Steel

  • Comes with: Fire Striker Steel (Bog Oak), rod 60 x 9.5 mm, 12000+ strikes

    Grind: Scandinavian grind

    Handle: Around 5000-year-old English Bog Oak, Black liners, Brass Hardware

    Measurements: Total 20.5 cm / Blade 89 x 26 x 4 mm

    Sheath: Vegetable Tanned European leather, Cognac Brown

    Steel: Uddeholm Sleipner (Non-stainless), 59-60 HRC

    Warranty: 25 years

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